It's time to step up and speak with clarity and confidence

Great communicators aren’t born, they’re trained.

I’ll help you with the perfect combination of private coaching and proven self-study materials.

Are you fed up...

with avoiding meetings and conferences because you don't want to speak?

Feeling frustrated...

that the quality of your presentations isn't doing you justice?

What's it costing you,

your career growth and your income to keep avoiding the spotlight?

Do you hate...

virtual meetings and speaking on camera because you don't know what to say?

Yep, presentations can be a pain


But if you're an individual wanting a step up at work by communicating better with your peers





you're a small biz owner needing the confidence to promote the heck out of your product or service at networking meetings, talks and on camera


...then this is for you!


I understand exactly how you feel.

Let's sit down and work together to sort this out so you can get more out of your presentations.

It's time for you to make the impact you deserve!


What do clients say?

Don't just take my word for it! I have more than a hundred rave reviews. Here are just a few. 

Shola made everybody feel comfortable and willing to participate and her ability to tailor the content and delivery to the audience is unmatched by anybody we have worked with before.

Rebeka Ninikova

- Lawyer

I unexpectedly had to do a short pitch this week and the format and structure you taught us was a Godsend! Thank you.

Talibah Stevenson

- Social Entrepreneur


 Shola teaches in a engaging and light hearted manner which is easy to absorb. I would definitely recommend her to anybody looking to build on their presentation and public speaking skills.​


Kurt Beaumont-Jones

- Managing Director

Learn the skills you need

My private coaching package will help you get back your confidence and start presenting with power, presence and persuasion. 


You’ll learn everything you need to create presentations quickly and easily, and your talks and on-camera appearances will be confident, packed with value and engaging.


My heart breaks when I see capable individuals hold themselves back because they don’t enjoy making presentations and giving talks. But it’s not always affordable to sign up for a series of sessions of  private coaching. 


That’s why I developed this coaching package. It’s a blend of private one to one coaching and easy to absorb self-study materials. 

That way, you get the best of both worlds: a friendly, expert coach to guide your learning plus the flexibility and convenience of working through a thorough set of materials that will give you the mastery and confidence you need.

Why Shola and why now?

Your own personal cheerleader guiding you to success and lessons that have been used by tens of thousands of happy students. 

What will you get if you work with me?


You'll receive  3 virtual private coaching sessions, each lasting 25 minutes.


You'll also get my proven self-study speaker training 6 Weeks to Speaking Success with bite-size, easy to complete lessons. Each module is approximately 1 hour long. Take what you need, leave the rest for later!

  • Dynamic speaker strategies

    so that the energy and engagement in your talks goes through the roof!

  • Gain the confidence to be Authentic

    Be the best you on stage and enjoy sharing your personality

  • Inspiring speaker strategies

    Storytelling techniques to help you connect and persuade 

  • Think and speak on your feet skills

    Communicate with ease in meetings and impromptu situations

  • How to add Value whenever you speak

    You'll learn go-to frameworks and structures to make your life easier

  • Speakers toolkit - develop presence

    Speak with gravitas, exercises to use your voice and body effectively

Plus some helpful extras

Times are changing fast and I want you to have all the skills you need for today's workplace.


So I've thrown in these helpful extras.

Speak on camera

Bonus 1

How to shine during video conferencing and on-camera appearances. Watch this highly rated training video. (Worth £150)

Expert Interviews

Bonus 2

A series of interviews on topics like confidence and body language to give you peace of mind on stage/camera. (Worth £75)

Release anxiety 

Bonus 3

This series of short audio recordings will help you overcome speaking fears and give you tools to beat those pesky gremlins! (Worth £50)

Memory power

Bonus 4

 Afraid you'll blank out during a big moment? This module gives you tools and tips to retain your message and deliver with ease. (Worth £75)

I've been there too


I understand how it feels to be frustrated and fearful about public speaking.

Years ago, I used to tremble every time I had to present. I hated sharing my opinions at meetings and tried to avoid being noticed. It got so bad that I was fired from a job because I wasn’t making enough of a contribution during client meetings.


I felt like a complete failure and that I had nothing to offer.

There's a way forward


Today I’m an award-winning speaker and a qualified coach. I've created online training courses with tens of thousands of enrolled students from all around the world and I’ve appeared on hundreds of stages.

I’m still an introvert and nope, I didn’t have a personality transplant!


I’ll teach you my exact strategies that will help you shine and grow in confidence every time you speak to groups, whether in person or on camera.


You don’t have to be afraid anymore. It’s time to act and unlock your brilliance.


Time to let the world see and hear your message!

What do clients say?

Here's a few more testimonials from people like you. 

Shola came to our Women’s Network event at ED&F Man to host a workshop developing skills to improve persuasion and influencing techniques. It was a really enjoyable evening and everyone commented on how much they had learnt, also how Shola was so friendly and engaging.

Juliet Vane

- Operations Manager

Shola's really inspiring. I wanted to learn how to talk confidently in front of an audience to help promote my business. I learned how to give a talk that is informative yet fun as well as being dynamic, inspiring, valuable and authentic.

Pippa Duncan

- Publisher

She was not only inspiring, authentic and an excellent speaker, but also gave us invaluable practical tips that we practised with her and that we could also take away into our professionals and personal lives to enhance our speaking and communication skills. She definitely knows her stuff!

Ronke Kokoruwe

- Executive Coach

Are you ready to go for it?

  1. Choose your plan below and click on Get It Now

  2. Once you’ve paid we’ll send you a link to book your first coaching session with Shola

  3. Book your session and we’ll send you a questionnaire to find out exactly what you want from the coaching and a link to get started with the online content.

It’s that easy!

A plan that's right for you

Choose from 2 plans below. For your convenience. 

Here's your packed-with-value coaching package!


Pay in full  (worth £1700!)


3 x private coaching sessions (worth £1000)

- Personalised attention

- Your questions answered

- A tailored programme and hand holding every step of the way!


6 core modules  of video lessons (worth £350)

- Ramp up the energy and engagement 

- Tell stories to connect and persuade

- Save time and build value with proven speaking structures

- Be your authentic self for rock solid confidence

- Learn to speak off the cuff and never say no to an opportunity again!

- Tools to work on your presence, voice and gravitas


4 bonuses (worth ($350)

- Video lessons and quick tips to help you shine on camera

- Audio recording to help you overcome anxiety and tap into your strengths

- Harness your memory power video - so you don't fluff your lines

- Expert video interviews on confidence and body language

All this for just


One convenient payment

or 2 easy payments of £390

Your questions answered


Maybe you're wondering:


Will this work for me?

- I've coached tens of thousands of students with my online materials and worked face to face with hundreds of clients from many different professions. It worked for them, so it can work for you too!


What if it's too complicated?

- The materials are simple and easy to use, plus during the private coaching we'll work on specific areas of your choice making sure you come out on top.


Can you learn public speaking online?

- You certainly can! I have public speaking virtual clients who are based all over the world, from the USA to India. Apply what you learn and get ready for success!


Will this be too expensive?

- Private coaching can be expensive but it's worth it when you need indvidualised attention. However, this course has been designed to keep costs low by giving you self-study materials accompanied by punchy, high value private coaching with Shola.


Can I have more coaching if I need it?

- Of course, once you've used up your private sessions you're welcome to purchase more. Or you can book a coaching package that includes 7 or 10 sessions with me, if you know you need longer-term help.


How long will it take?
- You have three month's access to the online materials. For the basic, 3 x 1-2-1 session option that you'd pay for on this page, we ask that you complete all your private coaching within two months of signing up, so you keep the momentum going. 
Your rate of progress will also depend on how much you practice the strategies you learn. The more you do it, the better you'll get!

- If you sign up for 7 sessions of coaching you'll have access to the online materials for 6 months, and if you sign up for 10 sessions, you'll have access for a year. Please email me at to find out more about pricing and access options for the 7 and 10 session packages.


I want to become a professional speaker or make money by selling my products on stages. Will this help me?

- It depends! This material is very much a step on the way to those goals but you will likely also benefit from my intensive, high level mentoring package.
Email me at and we can set up a time to talk about it some more. 


Who is this not for?

- If you suffer from crippling or debilitating fear of speaking then this may not be for you. There is a section on overcoming fears, and many people find that preparation and coaching can help them reduce speaking anxiety.


However, if you have a phobia or suffer from panic attacks I suggest you find a specialist coach or therapist to help. 


More questions?

Email us at 


It's all about you!


You’re someone that has ideas to share. Someone who wants to find their voice and express it at work and in the world.


You’re ambitious, hardworking and want to be successful. You realise that improving your communication skills is the missing link that will get you the recognition, respect and attention you and your message deserves.


Sometimes you’ve lacked confidence when it comes to expressing your ideas. Maybe you had a bad experience in the past or you don’t have a supportive group around you. Perhaps you just need that extra push to break through your reserve and show the world the authentic you.

Or maybe you need someone to recognise your brilliance and help you see what you have to offer when you communicate. 


You’re fed up with sleepless nights and anxiety about speaking up and being seen and heard. Now it’s time to banish your fears and shine like a star. 


I can help you move forward with your speaking, whether it’s at meetings, on camera or on conference stages. Working with me and signing up today will give you a thorough grounding to ace your public speaking in both in-person and virtual environments. These days it’s good to have both.


You’ll have access to hours of training but you don’t have to consume it all at once. I’ll guide you towards the right start point for you. 


Your time will be used efficiently and in our private coaching sessions I’ll answer your questions, listen to your speech, help you craft your next presentation, give you on camera speaking strategies or even share my top insights for being a high energy speaker.


So join me today.

We’ll get you signed up for your first coaching session as soon as possible and you’ll quickly feel confident and on track with your public speaking. There’s no time like today to make it happen! If you ignore it it’ll just get worse and your brilliant self doesn’t deserve any more stress!

It's the action takers that get results!

  1. Choose your plan above and click on Get It Now

  2. Once you’ve paid we’ll send you a link to book your first coaching session with Shola

  3. Book your session and we’ll send you a questionnaire to find out exactly what you want from the coaching and a link to get started with the online content.

It’s that easy!

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